The End of an Epoch

Funeral Of Queen Victoria
P: British Pathé. UK 1901

Queen Victoria’s Funeral was covered by all the major filmmaking companies operating in 1901 – the Lumière Brothers, Pathé, Warwick Trading Co., Gibbons Bio-Tableaux, Paul ‘s Theatrograph, Hepworth, Biograph and Harrison. (BFI)

Wo ist Coletti?

Wo ist Coletti?
R: Max Mack. B: Franz von Schoenthan. K: Hermann Boettger. Ba: Hermann Warm. D: Hans Junkermann, Madge Lessing, Heinrich Peer, Anna Müller-Lincke. P: Vitascope GmbH. D 1913
Print: Staatliches Filmarchiv der DDR

A 15 minute extract of the famous German detective film (ca. 60 min.), printed by the former DEFA on Super-8.

“(…) the film depended on a world, mediated by newspapers, whose depictions of wanted criminals not only provided Coletti with the rationale for the wager but gave Max Mack the idea for the film. Even posters for the movie showed passersby reading boulevard papers, looking up, and scanning the streets. Again and again, Mack indicated how the city was read before it was seen or encountered. Both in the use and depiction of the press, Mack’s film (…) regarded the newspaper as a vital metropolitan script. Indeed, there is no better illustration of the narrativization of the metropolis than the ‘Morgenpost’s choreography on a city-wide scale of the comical plot of a minor film. Wo ist Coletti? and ‘Augen auf!’ revealed Berlin to be a city of readers and spectators who made sense of their urban surroundings by consuming images manufactured by the press.”
Peter Fritzsche: Reading Berlin 1900. Cambridge, Mass., and London 1998, S. 86

353-Coletti  Advertising Wo ist Coletti?



Belgian Settings

M. Beulemeester, garde civique
R: Alfred Machin. K: Jacques Bizeul. D: Nicolas Ambreville, Fernand Gravey. P: Belge Cinéma Film. Be 1913
Print: Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique

“Commissioned by Pathé Frères, Alfred Machin shoots several local stories in Belgium, in a typically Belgian setting. Machin produces not only historical dramas, but also some comedies mainly portraying the Brussels ‘zwanze’, the typical humour of the city’s inhabitants, which is characterised by a finely-balanced mix of self-deprecation and exaggeration. In doing so he made his films accessible and recognizable to his audience. Mr Beulemeester, notorious member of the local militia and very possessive when it comes to his daughter, is in this film fooled by charmer and suitor Van Soest.”
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