UK  Dreams of Toyland

Aberdeen University Quarter Centenary Celebrations
A Chess Dispute
A Dash to the North Pole
A Day in the Hayfields
A Day in the Life of a Wigan Coal Miner
A Desparate Poaching Affray
Aeroplane Flight and Wreck
A Kiss in the Tunnel
Alice in Wonderland (1903)
A Message from Mars
A Native Street in India
An Engagement of Convenience
A New Sport
An Extraordinary Cab Incident
Animated Cotton
Animated Putty
An Interesting Story
An Over Incubated Baby
A Railway Collision
A Railway Tragedy
Artistic Creation
A Seaside Girl
As Seen Through a Telescope
A Tragedy of the Cornish Coast
A Trip on the Metropolitan Railway
A Trip Through North Borneo
Attack on a China Mission
A Visit to Peak Frean & Co’s Biscuit Works
A Woman’s Treachery

Balloon Accident at St Cloud (Paris)
Banks of the Nile
Birth of a Big Gun
Birth of a Flower
Blackfriars Bridge
Bradford Town Hall Square
Buy Your Own Cherries

Cheese Mites
Come along, Do!
Comic Costume Race

Daisy Doodad’s Dial
Daring Daylight Burglary
Death Jump – Eiffel Tower
Diabolo Nightmare
Diving Lucy
Dreams of Toyland
Dr. Macintyre’s X-Ray Film
Duel to the Death

Electric Edwardians: The Films of Mitchell & Kenyon (31 films)
Emily Davison Throws Herself Under The Kings Horse
Explosion of a Motor Car

Fat Man on a Bicycle
Floral Parade of Lady Cyclists
Flying the Foam and Some Fancy Diving
Fox Hunt
Fox Hunting
Funeral Of Queen Victoria

Grand Display of Brock’s Fireworks at the Crystal Palace
Grandma’s Reading Glass

How It Feels to Be Run Over
How Percy Won the Beauty Competition
How To Stop A Motor Car
Hyde Park Bicycling Scene

Jane Shore
Japanese Festival

King George V in Paris
King George V Visit to Paris and City of London
King John

Ladies Skirts Nailed to a Fence
Let Me Dream Again
Lieutenant Pimple and the Stolen Submarine
Lieutenant Rose and the Chinese Pirates
London-Sidney Street Siege
Lord Mayor’s Show

Maiden Flight Of German Airship
Making Christmas Crackers
Mary Jane’s Mishap
Milling the Militants: A Comical Absurdity
Mitchell & Kenyon
Modern China
Montego Bay to Williamsfield, Jamaica
Motor Pirates

Nankin Road, Shanghai
Nurse and Martyr

Old London Street Scenes
Old Man Drinking a Glass of Beer
Opening of the Kiel Canal
Our New Errand Boy

Palace Pandemonium
Panorama of Calcutta
Paris Fashions
Pathe’s Animated Gazette
Picturesque Japan
Pimple Has One

Rescued by Rover
Rice Harvesting in Japan
Richard III
R.M.S.Olympic, Construction and Launch, 1908-1910
RMS Titanic in Belfast and Sinking Aftermath 1912
Rough Sea
Rough Sea at Dover
Round Brussels in Ten Minutes
Royal Train

Scene on the River Thames
Sea Dreams
Sick Kitten
St. Kilda, Its People and Birds
Stop Thief!
Studdy’s War Studies

Tartans of the Scottish Clans
That Fatal Sneeze
The Acrobatic Fly
The Aerial Submarine
The Airship Destroyer
The Arrest of a Pickpocket
The Automatic Motorist
The Big Swallow
The Biter Bit
The Death of Poor Joe
The Derby
The Dog Outwits the Kidnapper
The Dull Razor
The Extraordinary Waiter
The Final Years of Qing Dynasty
The Flappers and the Nuts
The German Spy Peril
The Hand of the Artist
The Haunted Curiosity Shop
The Island Of St. Kilda
The Launch of HMS Albion
(The) Launch of HMS Albion at Blackwall
The Life of Charles Peace
The Little Match Girl
The Little Match Seller
The Love Story of Ann Thomas the Maid of Cefn Ydfa
The Lure of Drink
The Magic Glass
The Magic Sword
The Man with the Glass Eye
The Man Who Came Back
The Medium Exposed? Or, A Modern Spiritualistic Seance
The Miller And The Sweep
The Pirates of 1920
The Ring and the Rajah
The Smallest Car in the Largest City in the World
The Tempest
The Twins’ Tea Party
The Unfortunate Policeman
The Waif and the Wizard
The World’s First Caterpillar Track
The X-Ray Fiend
Tilly the Tomboy Visits the Poor (Tilly series)
Titanic Disaster-Genuine Footage
To Demonstrate How Spiders Fly
Trafalgar Square Riot

Undressing extraordinary
Upside Down, or, The Human Flies

View from an Engine Front – Barnstaple
Visual tour of a snowy, cold Halifax

Westminster Bridge
Whaling Afloat and Ashore
Woman Draped in Patterned Handkerchiefs