010-Unfall Montparnasse 1895  Gare Montparnasse, Paris 1895

Ferdinand Zecca on the set of his film La catastrophe de la Martinique, Fr 1902

Galveston Hurricane and Tidal Wave of 1900
K: Albert E. Smith. P: Edison Manufacturing Co. USA 1900

“At the first news of the disaster by cyclone and tidal wave that devastated Galveston on Saturday, Sept. 8th, 1900, we (Thomas Edison Films) equipped a party of photographers and sent them by special train to the scene of the ruins. Arriving at the scene of desolation shortly after the storm had swept over that city (September 24, 1900), our party succeeded, at the risk of life and limb, in taking about a thousand feet of moving pictures. In spite of the fact that Galveston was under martial law and that the photographers were shot down at sight by the excited police guards, a very wide range of subject has been secured. The series, taken as a whole, will give the entire world a definite idea of the terrible disaster, unequaled since the Johnstown flood of 1889.”
Edison Film Catalogue
Library of Congress

San Francisco: Aftermath of Earthquake
P: American Mutoscope & Biograph. USA 1906

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