A Familiar Biblical Story

Joseph in the Land of Egypt
R: Eugene Moore. B: Lloyd F. Lonergan, based on the play ‘Joseph and His Brethren’ by Joseph Napoleon Parker. K: A.H. Moses. D: James Cruze, Marguerite Snow, John Lehnberg, Justus D. Barnes. P: Thanhouser Film Corp. USA 1914
Print: The Museum of Modern Art

“The second of ‘Thanhouser Big Productions’, a monthly schedule, Joseph in the Land of Egypt was a true ‘feature’ film, a new class of film which came to dominate the market by the end of 1914. A feature was an hour or more, heavily advertised, with elaborate production values, often with higher ticket prices, longer runs per theater, strongly promoted star cast, and was always a drama.
Thanhouser followed up on the enormous success one year earlier of The Star of Bethlehem with a familiar Biblical story, large and highly decorated (and highly populated) sets, elaborate costumes, and (something new) star promotion.”