The Mob Outside

The Mob outside the Temple of Music at the Pan-American Exposition
P: Thomas A. Edison, Inc. USA 1901

Filmed on the date and at the site of President McKinley‘s assassination, September 6, 1901. Location: Buffalo, New York.

From a contemporary Edison film company catalog:
“On Friday, September 6th, 1901, we had our cameras in position to photograph the President as he left the Temple of Music, but the deplorable assassination, of course, prevented our getting this picture. We did, however, secure an excellent panoramic view of the mob surging in front of the Temple of Music attempting to get at the assassin. These pictures have created intense excitement and interest. Our cameras were the only ones at work at the Pan-American Exposition on the day of President McKinley’s speech, Thursday, September 5th, and on Friday, September 6th, the day of the shooting. This picture was photographed immediately after the shooting, and shows the intense excitement of the people. The Pan-American Exposition guards are plainly seen in the background trying to check the frantic multitude as they sway backward and forward in their mad endeavor to reach the assassin.”
Library of Congress

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