Early Advertising Films

De zieke gemeente-ambtenaar (Van Houten’s nieuwe chocoladeprikkel)
R: Emile Lauste. D: George Verenet. P: Nederlandsche Biograaf- en Mutoscope Maatschappij / Hollandsch Tooneelgezelschap Grand Théâtre. NL 1899
Print: EYE Collection, Amsterdam

“Despite resembling a stage play, this nineteenth-century Dutch film is essentially a proto-television commercial. A man tosses and turns in his bed, clearly in great physical distress, and pulls on a rope to summon a doctor. Following a quick examination, the doctor walks offscreen and returns with a dose of ‘Van Houtens Cacao,’ as the enormous cup and its equally large saucer helpfully proclaim in painted letters. The ill man gulps it down and immediately revives, much to his delight. While it’s not especially clever or amusing (…), it’s interesting to see how this new medium was being used for advertising even before the turn of the century.”
Cinematic Scribblings

Dewar’s It’s Scotch
P: International Film Mfg. Company. USA 1898