Theo Frenkel

Genie tegen geweld (Frgm.)
R: Theo Frenkel. D: Adelqui Migliar, Mary Beekman, Aaf Bouber. P: Amsterdam Film Cie. NL 1916
Print: EYE Collection
German intertitles

“Detective Pim Bruce tries to solve a case of diamond theft and murder.
Van Duylen, representative of a diamond syndicate, brings to Amsterdam the “Koh-I-Noor II”, the largest diamond ever found. In one of the city’s oldest diamond-cutting establishments it is cleft and the nine small stones are polished. Escorted by detectives, Van Duylen takes the stones home and puts them in his burglar-proof safe. He tells his wife that its doors are electrically charged and that anyone opening them in the wrong way will immediately be electrocuted.
Two suspicious persons, Jack the Acrobat and the lion-tamer Feenstra, prowl around Van Duylen’s villa, inspecting the doors and windows. They go to their crony, the notorious burglar Nelis Veerman, to discuss their plan to steal the diamonds.”

Het Wrak in de Noordzee
R: Theo Frenkel Sen. (i.e. Theo Bouwmeester). D: Thibault Bigot Jun., Aaf Bouber-ten Hoope, Piet Fuchs, Wilhelmina Kley, Kees Lageman. P: Amsterdam Film Cie. NL 1915
Print: EYE Collection
French titles

Het wrak in de Noordzee (The North Sea Wreck) was the first film made by director Theo Frenkel‘s own company Amsterdam Film Cie. Before Frenkel returned to the Netherlands in 1914, he had worked in France for Pathé Frères, in Great Britain for the producers Hepworth and Urban, and in the German capital for the film pioneer Oskar Messter and Eiko-Film. Back in the Netherlands, he made the film Fatum for the Rembrandt Film Co. Run by cinema operator and director Johan Gildemeijer; after this he established his own film company. The North Sea Wreck is a fisherman’s drama about the romance between the daughter of a Scheveningen captain and a young fisherman.”