Qui pro quo

La malle au mariage
R: Max Linder. B: Max Linder. D: Max Linder, Charles Mosnier, Suzy Depsy. P: Pathé Frères. Fr 1912

“The guardian of Mamie, with whom Max is in love, wishes to make the girl his wife. Mamie, holding her guardian in mortal terror, insists upon Max concealing himself one day when the former obtrudes his presence upon them. Max obeys, and finding behind the hanging wardrobe a lady’s long plush coat and hat, he dons both articles to make his escape. The disguise leads the guardian, who observes him depart, into supposing that a pretty woman is the owner of the coat. He follows ‘her’, and Max inveigles him into his own rooms, shams a scare on account of a supposed husband, and manages to get him locked up in a big trunk, from which he is released only on his giving his consent to Max’s engagement to Mamie.”
The Bioscope, May 30, 1912

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