George Albert Smith

Mary Jane’s Mishap
R: George Albert Smith. D: Laura Bayley. P: George Albert Smith Films. UK 1903
Print: BFI

Mary Jane’s Mishap; or, Don’t Fool with the Paraffin, a ‘trick’ film directed by the ‘Brighton School’ pioneer G.A. Smith and released in 1903, is an example of Smith’s interest in cinematic effects – including, here, the use of superimposition to suggest ghosts.
The film stars Smith’s wife, Laura Bayley, the star of many of his films and the most prolific British actress of the time. The film is notable for its then sophisticated mix of wide establishing shots and medium close-ups, which serve to pull the spectator into the action. It also contains two ‘wipes’ to denote a change of scene.”
Mark Duguid
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