Social Drama, Romantic Comedy

Fortune’s Turn
R: Wilfrid North. B: James Oliver Curwood. D: Ned Finley, Rose Tapley, Helene Costello, Charles Eldridge. P: Vitagraph Company of America. USA 1913
Print: EYE
Dutch titles

“A picture of sentiment that just escapes sentimentality, but gets by and will, we think, please. The story, by James Oliver Curwood, shows a young man (Ned Finley) who is ‘a good sort of fellow,’ but in hard luck. He has to get food for his old father and is tempted to burglarize a house; is seen by the police and shot in his attempt to escape. He escapes for a time and, there being a burning house, he darts in to die, but finds a child caught on one of the upper floors. This tenement house fire is well suggested and the rescue gets over as a sensation. The picture as a whole is wisely kept down within reasonable spheres of emotion and can safely be commended as a good offering. It was produced by Wilfred North and clearly photographed.”
The Moving Picture World, September 27, 1913

A Lily in Bohemia
R: Wilfrid North. B: William Addison Lathrop (story). D: Lillian Walker, Templar Saxe, Evart Overton. P: Vitagraph Company of America. USA 1915
Print: EYE
Engl. titles

“London-born Wilfrid North had a long and distinguished career on the stage as an actor, director and manager before joining Vitagraph Pictures in 1913 as a director. Vitagraph placed him at the helm of the films of its reigning comedy star, the portly John Bunny. North acquitted himself well in that position, and within a few years he was appointed Supervising Director at Vitagraph. In 1920 he signed with Select Pictures as a director, but didn’t stay there long and returned to Vitagraph as company Production Manager. In the 1920s he began appearing in Vitagraph’s films as an actor, and then for other studios. He directed his last film in 1922 but stayed in the business as an actor until 1935, and died in June of that year.”

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