The Greaser Character

Broncho Billy and the Greaser
R: Gilbert M. Anderson. D: Gilbert M. Anderson, Lee Willard, Marguerite Clayton. P: Essanay Film Manufacturing Company. USA 1914

“The Greaser character rose from early Hollywood’s westerns genre and the development of simplistic good guy vs. bad guy story formulas. From 1908 to about 1918, the profitability of westerns and their relative ease of production lead to a slew of films produced quickly and efficiently – some filmed in one day. These films included titles such as: The Greaser’s Gauntlet (1908 & directed by D.W. Griffith), Ah Sing and the Greasers (1910), Tony the Greaser (1911 & 1914!), The Greaser and the Weakling (1912), The Girl and the Greaser (1913), The Greaser’s Revenge (1914), The Greaser (1915), Licking the Greasers (1915), Broncho Billy’s Greaser Deputy (1915), and Guns and Greasers (1918). The Greaser role was typically portrayed as a dirty and grubby gunslinger with low morals, a conniving and shiftless soul with a tendency towards violence and of course, a taste for white women. This racially-tinged character proved to be the perfect evil foil for the virtuous and clean-cut cowboy heroes seen in these films. Always, the white cowboy saved the day and in the end the Greaser always got his.”
Stephen Sariñana-Lampson: Silent Images of Latinos in Early Hollywood

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