Cowboys in the City

The Millionaire Cowboy
D: Carl Winterhoff, Winifred Greenwood, Mac Barnes. P: William Nicholas Selig/Selig Polyscope Company. USA 1913
Remake of the Selig production The Cowboy Millionaire (1909)
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Dutch titles

“Selig’s original version of The Cowboy Millionaire (December 1909) was so popular that in early 1913 the company released a two-reel remake, The Millionaire Cowboy, which expanded the stunt riding and roping at the beginning, as well as the high jinks of the cowboys who are invited to visit their now-whealthy friend in the city.”
Charlie Keil, Shelley Stamp: American Cinema’s Transitional Era: Audiences, Institutions, Practices. University of California Press 2004, p. 169 (fn.)