A Thanhouser Situation Comedy

The Marvelous Marathoner
B: Lloyd F. Lonergan. D: Boyd Marshall, Ruth Elder, Justus D. Barnes. P: Thanhouser Film Corporation. USA 1915
Original music composed and performed by Raymond A. Brubacher
Print: Library of Congress

“Thanhouser’s ‘Falstaff Comedies’ was a schedule of one-reel comedies released each Friday beginning in April 1915, later changed to each Tuesday. Looking for a niche, Thanhouser’s short plot-driven comedies stood out from other studios’ trend toward longer offerings and broad gag-oriented comedy. The Falstaff comedies were what could be called situation comedies calling on the outstanding screenwriting skill of Lloyd Lonergan and the acting charm of the Thanhouser stock company. Marathoner enjoys energetic and vivacious comedy pacing combining physical comedy (without slapstick) with situation comedy.”