An Irish Robin Hood

Brennan of the Moor
R: Edward Warren. D: Barney Gilmore, Marian Swayne, Joseph Levering. P: Solax Film Company. USA 1913
Dutch titles

“The most popular Irish highwayman since the second half of the 19th century was William Brennan who is immortalized in the ballad ‘Brennan On The Moor’. Not much is known about him except a lot of legends but this song has survived until today.”
Some Notes On The History Of “Brennan On The Moor”:
Just Another Tune

“According to Solax’s advertising, Barney Gilmore was a well-known Irish stage actor. (…) The film has some interesting touches like an entrance to a counterfeiter’s den hidden behind a painting. The visual style, especially the slow rhythm of the performances, the ‘early noir’ quality of the depictions of the criminals show that the serials of Feuillade might have been an inspiration. One of the criminals is played by Lee Beggs, and an old woman in the group is played by Mrs. Hurley. The film has some excellent lighting setups and high production value and was marketed with an elaborate color poster.”
Alison McMahan
Alice Guy Blaché

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