An Anti-Alcohol Message

R: Unknown. D: Glen White, Sadie Weston. P: Gem Motion Picture Company. USA 1913
Print: EYE (Jean Desmet Collection)
Dutch titles

“Almost from the very outset motion picture producers found a lucerative niche producing films with an anti-alcohol message. The 1902 film Les victimes de l’alcoolisme was the first attempt by the newly formed Pathé company to exploit the burgeoning demand for anti-absinthe and anti-alcohol propaganda. Les Victimes de l’alcool (1911), a far more sophisticated film, was enthusiastically promoted by the temperance movement and was a huge success for Pathé. Absinthe (1913) is the only surviving U.S.-made absinthe related motion picture from the pre-ban era, featuring one of the very few filmed versions of absinthe being prepared and consumed.”
UC Berkeley