A Secret Society Adventure

Il circolo nero
R: Emilio Ghione. D: Emilio Ghione, Lea Giunchi, Alberto Collo, Angelo Gallina, Amedeo Ciaffi, Fernando Ribacchi. P: Celio Film, Roma. It 1913
Print: Museo Nazionale del Cinema, Torino, previously restored by the EYE Filmmuseum
Dutch titles

“Count Raoul Ruggeri, left penniless, asks the president of the Circolo Nero , the head of a criminal gang, to borrow him some money. Eventually he is forced to join the gang, but when they ask him to kill a man, he realizes the tremendous mistake he has made. That’s why he decides to leave Rome and take refuge in America. In the West he starts a new life and falls in love with Edith Brown, the only daughter of the rich farmer who has offered him a job. Meanwhile De Bondre, the head of the ‘Circolo Nero’, manages to escape the police in Rome and flees to America. In Chicago he meets Raoul by chance and, by threatening to reveal his dark past, he forces him to take part in a robbery in the master’s farm. Raoul refuses. To take revenge, De Bondre kidnaps Edith. After a dramatic chase, Raoul reaches De Bondre at the edge of a cliff; eventually De Bondre falls into the abyss, while Edith and Raoul come finally together.”
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Another Italian crime fiction:

Aspettando il diretto di mezzanotte
No credtis. P: Itala Film, Torino. It 1911
Print: Cineteca Nazionale del Cinema/EYE Filmmuseum
Dutch titles

“The banking executives of the Jonnes e C. bank, are preparing and discussing the shipment of a large sum of money. A porter, who is cleaning the office, spies them. The box with the money is brought to the lonely railway station to be embarked on the midnight train, along with another box. The guardian, whom the box with the money is entrusted, wants to watch over it personally in the warehouse; but soon he is overcome by sleep and dreams that many hands are fumbling in the dark to open the box. (…)”
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