A Story of Life in Little Italy

The Two Roses
R: Unknown. D: Marie Eline, Frank Hall Crane, Anna Rosemond. P: Thanhouser Film Corporation. USA 1910
Print: Deutsche Kinemathek / Museum für Film und Fernsehen, Berlin
German and Engl. titles
Original music composed and performed by Günter A. Buchwald

“The writer of the scenario is unknown, but it may have been Lloyd Lonergan. Lonergan was an experienced newspaperman still employed by ‘The New York Evening World’ while writing scripts for the Thanhouser productions. He was the most important script writer for Thanhouser, averaging 200 scripts a year from 1910 to 1915. The film director is unknown, but two Thanhouser directors are possible. Barry O’Neil was the stage name of Thomas J. McCarthy, who would direct many important Thanhouser pictures, including its first two-reeler, Romeo and Juliet. Lloyd B. Carleton was the stage name of Carleton B. Little, a director who would stay with the Thanhouser Company for a short time, moving to Biograph Company by the summer of 1910. Film historian Q. David Bowers does not attribute a cameraman for this production, but two possible candidates exist. Blair Smith was the first cameraman of the Thanhouser company, but he was soon joined by Carl Louis Gregory who had years of experience as a still and motion picture photographer. The role of the cameraman was uncredited in 1910 productions.
The role of the Italian father Tony was played by Frank H. Crane. Crane was involved in the very beginnings of the Thanhouser Company and acted in numerous productions before becoming a director at Thanhouser. In the role of Tony’s wife was Anna Rosemond, who was one of two leading ladies for the first year of the company. Marie Eline, played the role of Tony’s son, was concealed in masculine make up and black hair for the role of the Italian boy. ‘The Moving Picture World’ said, ‘[m]aybe you’d never recognize her if we did not tip you off. Don’t pass the tip to others in your place, but see if their little favorite doesn’t fool them completely in her masculine makeup.’ Other members of the cast have not been identified.”

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