A Storm at Sea (1900)

A Storm at Sea
R: James H. White. K: Alfred C. Abadie. P: Edison Manufacturing Company. USA 1900
Locations: S.S. “Kaiserin Maria Theresia”, Atlantic Ocean

“While our photographers were crossing the Atlantic Ocean a most wonderful and sensational picture was secured, showing a storm at sea. The picture was secured by lashing the camera to the after bridge of the ‘Kaiserine Maria Theresa’, of the North German Lloyd Line, during one of its roughest voyages. The most wonderful storm picture ever photographed. Taken at great risk.”
Edison Films (1901)

“While the ‘risk’ seems dubious, the rigging of the camera may have been somewhat innovative, as very few pictures had been shot in heavy seas at this time. It may also explain the rope we see passing in front of the lens, which may have been part of the arrangement to keep the camera from sliding all over the deck.”
Century Film Project

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