Méliès, Alchemist

L’alchimiste Parafaragaramus ou la cornue infernale
R: Georges Méliès. D: Georges Méliès. P: Star-Film. Fr 1906

Title of this film, following YouTube: ‘L’Hallucination de l’Alchimiste’, produced 1897. This is a mistake. The Flicker Alley DVD ‘Georges Méliès: Encore New Discoveries (1896-1911)’ misidentified a partial hand-colored print of the 1906 film ‘The Alchimiste Parafaragaramus ou La cornue infernale’ as this film, ‘L’hallucination de l’alchimiste’ from 1897, which continues to be considered a lost film. The official’  Méliès-website lists the 1897 film with 20 meters, i.e. about one minute. So, obviously we have just two different versions of ‘Parafaragaramus’.
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