Children versus adults

The Skeleton
R: Unknown. D: Early Gorman, Charles Manley, Matty Roubert, Mai Wells. P: Powers Picture Plays. USA 1912

The Magic Glass
R: Hay Plumb. D: Reginald Sheffield. P: Hepworth. UK 1914

“An X-ray magnifying glass? What could possibly go wrong? This story – one of numerous early films to make comic hay with mad inventions – relies on a common cinematic trick. A vignette shows the view through the magnifying glass in a ‘door’ or ‘wall’, so the inventor spies his son stealing food from the cupboard or the maid helping herself to the brandy. Inevitably the tables soon turn…
This comedy from the studio of Cecil Hepworth was one of many directed in the early 1910s by Hay Plumb with the same cast and crew.”
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