An Early Feuillade Comedy

L’homme aimanté
R: Louis Feuillade. P: Société des Etablissements L. Gaumont. Fr 1907

Following Ciné-Ressources (and other sources), the director of this film was Roméo Bosetti. However, Gaumont Pathé archives and Richard Abel name Feuillade.

“A midsummer Phantasy. The man having been attacked by footpads, puts on a suit of medieval armor which has been magnetized at a dynamo by two boys. Every metallic article which he approaches flies to him, to the great consternation of many people.”

“Raised in a devoutly Catholic, anti-republican family, Feuillade worked as a journalist in Languedoc until 1898, when he moved to Paris to write for ‘La Croix’ and to assist in editing ‘Revue-mondiale’. Hired by Léon Gaumont in late 1905 as a scenario writer and assistant to Alice Guy, he advanced to head of film production by 1907, writing and directing all of the kinds of films produced at Gaumont, from trick films, L’homme aimanté (The Magnetized Man, 1907), and comedies, Thé chez le concierge (Tea at the Concierge’s, 1907), to sensational melodramas, Légende des phares (Legend of the Lighthouse, 1909), and historical films, Le Huguenot (The Huguet, 1909).”
Richard Abel (ed.): Encyclopedia of Early Cinema. Taylor & Francis 2005, p. 235