Maurits Binger, a Dutch Director

De levende ladder
R: Maurits H. Binger. B: Maurits H. Binger. D: Annie Bos, Alex Benno, Coba Kinsbergen, Barend Barendse, Louis Bouwmeester. P: Hollandia / Maatschappij voor Artistieke Cinematografie. NL 1912/13
Engl. version (The Burning Mill)
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Maurits H. Binger (1868-1923)
“In May of 1912, he co-founded two film societies: de Maatschappij voor Wetenschappelijke Cinematografie and de Maatschappij voor Artistieke Cinematografie. These companies produced documentaries and feature films, respectively. In 1913, both companies merged into Filmfabriek Hollandia. Binger was above all an entrepreneur, and film was his hobby. But after the departure of Hollandia’s first permanent director, Louis H. Chrispijn Sr., Binger started directing more frequently. With about thirty feature films to his name, he became one of the most productive Dutch directors of the 1910s. After the First World War, Binger tried to expand Hollandia internationally by working with the British distributor A.G. Granger and the director B.E. Doxat-Pratt. The cooperation did not lead to the desired success, and soon after Binger’s premature death in 1923, his brainchild Filmfabriek Hollandia was declared bankrupt.”

“He (i.e. Binger) engaged former strage director Louis Chrispijn Sr. to direct films starring Annie Bos. Typical Dutch settings were filmed on location: long stretches of beach, countryside windmills, and the Volandam or Amsterdam canals became Chrispijn’s trademarks. (…) Hollandia’s financial situation deteriorated in 1919. The nonfiction branch reorganized as Polygoon, and the hybrid ‘boring British’ fiction films, produced by Anglo-Hollandia, lost their appeal.”
Ansje van Beusekom, in: Richard Abel (ed.): Encyclopedia of Early Cinema. Taylor & Francis 2005, p. 303

Het geheim van den vuurtoren
R: Maurits H. Binger. B: Maurits H. Binger (as M. Habée). D: Louis H. Chrispijn, Coen Hissink, Greta Gijswijt, Willem van der Veer, Esther De Boer-van Rijk, Jan van Dommelen, Annie Bos, Willem Faassen, Christine van Meeteren. P: Filmfabriek Hollandia. NL 1915/16
Engl. version (The Secret of the Lighthouse)
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