Holland – through Italian eyes

Vita d’Olanda
R / K: Piero Marelli. P: Tiziano Film Torino. It 1911 (?)
Print: Museo Nazionale del Cinema (Desmet color)

“A documentary film dedicated to the country of the canals and windmills. Piero Marelli, a cinematographer and director, through his remarkable taste and his pictorial use of the illumination, intends to celebrate the peaceful human victory over the natural forces. In the second half of the film the atmosphere changes, the attention is no longer turned to the product but to the manufacturer, the man. Marelli shoots women sewing, kids, the family posing in the coziness of their home. At the end, though, the human face gives way again to the tricks of  light and to the massive silhouettes of the windmills. The film is the assemblage done by the director Pietro Marelli of older materials filmed by himself for the production company Pasquali.”
Museo Nazionale del Cinema

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