In Northern Forests

In Northern Forests (Frgm.)
R: Unknown. D: Edwin R. Phillips, Julia Swayne Gordon, Robert Gaillard, Florence Foley. P: Vitagraph Company of America. USA 1911
Print: EYE

In this print the introduction and beginning of action are missing. The complete film starts as follows:

“Phil has redeeming qualities; one in particular, his love for children. This is very easily seen where the poor fellow in a railroad coach is being taken handcuffed to prison. In the seat next to the one in which he is sitting there is a little child, Dotty. The train stops, the sheriff, with his prisoner, leaves the car, and we don’t see the convicted man again until we see him in stripes, working in the prison shoe shop, and witness his escape from the prison window, when he makes his plunge into the river and his long swim to freedom. (…)”
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