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An Interesting Story
R: James Williamson. P: Williamson Kinematograph Company. UK 1905

“The mechanization of the body is also commented on in the seemingly very self-aware film An Interesting Story. At the end, a man is run over by a steam roller, flattened, and brought back to 3D life by bicycle pumps. The body responds to mechanical tools as if it were inorganic or non-living material itself. What surprised me is how it seemed that people could actually be afraid of human-machine interchangeability. The anecdote in Doane‘s ‘Technology’s Body’” about the woman who was reluctant to have her picture taken for fear it would be painful is very much in line with the pattern of early cinema. The relationship between real life and cinema, and the relationship between people and machines, seem to be brought together in this time period.”
Aron Katz
Early Cinema to 1915

Lecture absorbante
R and actors: Unknown. P: Société Générale des Cinématographes Éclipse. Fr 1911

TRAUM UND EXZESS, S. 179 f. (ref. to An Interesting Story)