A Wholly Artificial Spectacle

Den røde Klub
R: Unknown. B: Knud Lumbye. D: Edith Buemann, Tronier Funder, Peter Kjær, Charles Schwanenflügel, Einar Zangenberg.  P: Kinografen. Dk 1914
Print: Danish Film Institute
Ital. titles, Span. subtitles

“A four-part offering which is a melodrama of sensations rather than a sensational melodrama. It belongs with a clearly-defined type of offering that has proved of service, but lacks all artistic quality. Its chief merit is that it keeps something going all the time. It aims to make every incident so startling that the spectator will fail to notice whether it has a reasonable place in the story or not and is full of things like traps in the floor, secret springs opening to hidden passages in castle or palace, victims hurled down chutes to strange dangers in pits or cells below, and is full of espionage and counter espionage. In the story the Red Club helps a lovelorn baroness, who things herself jilted by the reigning count, in an attempt to be revenged. The backgrounds are palaces and royal gardens in perfect keeping with the theme. It is a wholly artificial offering made with reasonable skill to fill a demand for stirring action, but lacks the kind of story that has made some of its predecessors famous. The Dansk Kinograph Studio turned it out.”
The Moving Picture World, May 30, 1914

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