Comic, chaotic, completely absurd

Le pari de M. Papillon
R: Gaston Roudès (?). D: Cauroy (?), Aimée Campton (?), Gabriel de Gravone (?). P: Société Générale des Cinématographes Éclipse. Fr 1914
Print: EYE
Dutch titles

Gabriel de Gravone, born Antoine Paul André Faggianelli on 21. November 1887 at Ajaccio, Corsica, France, started his career as film actor in 1909. Probably his first film was Un clair de lune sous Richelieu, a period piece by Albert Capellani and scripted by Abel Gance, who would later call him back for his masterpiece La Roue. (…) Between 1912 and 1914 Gravone was the partner of Aimée Campton with the Pathé comedy series with the character ‘Maud’ and of Cauroy in the Papillon comedies by Gaston Roudès. During the First World War Gravone hardly acted in film but in 1919 Louis Mercanton directed him in the feature L’appel du sang, based on the novel by Robert Hichens and co-starring Charles Bargy and Ivor Novello.”

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