Nat Pinkerton

Nat Pinkerton (?)
R: Pierre Bressol. D: Pierre Bressol, Georges Coquet, Georges Vinter. P: Société Générale des Cinématographes Éclipse. Fr 1911/12
Print: EYE
Dutch titles

This film is part of the Éclipse Nat Pinkerton series. It is probably titled “Les cavaliers Noirs”. (Special thanks to Nicolas Kerrien, see below)

Nat Pinkerton. 1910-1914 French series (Éclipse/Urban/Minerva / 40 One- and Two- reel films) featuring ‘Nat Pinkerton of the Pinkerton Detective Agency.’ They were directed by Pierre Bressol who played Pinkerton. Representative titles of the forty films in the series include Les rats d’hôtel (1910), L’auberge sanglante (1911), L’affaire d’Excelsior Park (1911)(…) and even Nat Pinkerton contre Nat Pinkerton (1914). (…)
Detective Nat Pinkerton was a German creation, a combination of Pinkerton Agency detectives and pulp detectives like Nick Carter. Most of his early adventures were simply rewrites of Nick Carter adventures. The name had such international appeal, however, that there were soon Nat Pinkerton stories published in other countries. The movie moguls liked the name so film series featuring ‘Nat Pinkerton of the Pinkerton Detective Agency’ were produced in Denmark, France and Germany.”
Ken Wlaschin: Silent Mystery and Detective Movies: A Comprehensive Filmography. McFarland 2009, p. 162 and 179