Argentina: La creación del himno

La creación del himno
R: Mario Gallo. B: Mario Gallo. D: Federico López, Eliseo Gutiérrez. P: Mario Gallo. Argentina 1909
Print: Argentina Film Foundation
Film starts at sec. 33

“La creación del himno, which is sometimes referred to as The National Anthem , is a silent black and white film from Argentina directed by Mario Gallo about his own script that premiered in 1909 and starred Federico López and the Uruguayan actor Eliseo Gutiérrez . The film refers to the creation of the Argentine National Anthem, the lyrics of which were written by Vicente López y Planes in 1812, while the music was composed by Blas Parera in 1813. Director Mario Gallo, an Italian who had arrived in Argentina in 1905, began filming in 1909 and made the first film with an Argentine plot, which according to some authors was El fusilamiento de Dorrego (1908/1910) and, according to others, La Revolución de Mayo (1909). Some scholars see in Gallo’s film work the influence of the Film d’Art trend, which since 1908 tried in France the first approach to cinema as art, to move it away from the mere spectacle of a fair, and which had its first expression in L’Assassinat du Duc de Guise. (…)  La creación del himno, like almost all the cinema of the time, has a very theatrical staging, with short vignettes that illustrate the texts of the intertitles.

One 16mm copy of La creación del himno was stored for decades in Argentina Film Foundation and in the XXI century Cinecolor laboratory Argentina, who had already done the same job with La Revolución de Mayo, was in charge of the restoration and obtained, after a process that required the work of 20 people for three months, new copies in 35 mm. First, the existing copy was manually repaired, then the material obtained was scanned by filing it on the computer and finally, once on the computers, a digital restoration was performed to stabilize the film, equalize the contrast, clean the damaged frames and reconstruct the intertitles. New 35mm copies were made from the restored material.”

La Revolución de Mayo
R: Mario Gallo. Argentina 1909

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