Alfred Lind’s ‘Flying Circus’

Den flyvende Cirkus (The pride of the circus, Fragm.)
R: Alfred Lind. B: Carl Otto Dumreicher, Alfred Lind. K: Alfred Lind. D: Rasmus Ottesen, Emilie Otterdahl, Richard Jensen, Lilli Beck, Kirstine Friis-Hjort, Charles Løwaas, Stella Lind. P: Det skandinavisk-russiske Handelshus. Dk 1912

“The film company Det skandinavisk-russiske Handelshus (Scandinavian-Russian Trading) produced 25 feature films in the period 1911-13. The company changed name to Filmfabriken Danmark in 1913 and produced another 71 feature films until 1919, after which only educational and documentary films were produced up until the company’s liquidation in 1923.  Two films, Den flyvende Cirkus and Bjørnetæmmeren (The Bear Tamer) are presumed to be the only surviving productions from Det skandinavisk-russiske Handelshus. The company specialized in sensational topics, and the success of The Flying Circus was soon followed by its sequel, The Bear Tamer, in which Alfred Lind played the title role, wrote the script, directed and shot the film.”
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Alfred Lind was born 1879 in Helsingør, Denmark as Sören Estrup Alfred Lind. He was a director and cinematographer, known for Den flyvende Cirkus (1912), Bjørnetæmmeren (1912), Dødsjockeyen (1915), Alkohol (1920) and more. He died 1959 in Copenhagen.
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Lind as cinematographer:
>>> Afgrunden, Den lille hornblæser

“Danish actress Lili Beck, aka Lili Bech (1883-1939), was the leading lady of many early Swedish films directed by Mauritz Stiller and Victor Sjöström. Beck, who had started as a stage actress in 1905, debuted in Danish cinema in 1911, with the film Morfinisten, directed by Louis Von Kohl and produced by Det skandinavisk-russiske Handelshus. Already in her next film, Taifun (1911) by Von Kohl, she played the lead. After that Lili would play in four more films by the same company, including Alfred Lind’s circus films Den flyvende Cirkus and Bjornetaemmern (both 1912), in which she played a snake enchantress. In 1913 she moved to the company Nordisk where she played in three films by Robert Dinesen (all 1913) and one by August Blom (1914). In 1913 it was rumored Beck would go and work for American film company Vitagraph. Instead, she started to work for the Swedish company Svenska Biografteatren.
Beck, who was married shortly to Erik Magnusson in 1912, remarried Swedish film director Victor Sjöström, in whose debut Trädgardsmästeren /The Gardener (1912) she played opposite Sjöström himself and Gösta Ekman. It was her first Swedish film and Beck would henceforth pursue her career there. After Trädgardsmästeren, Beck played in 11 of Mauritz Stiller’s films between 1912 and 1916, such as Vampyren (1913) and Vingarne/Wings (1916). She also performed in 9 films of Victor Sjöström, including Trädgardsmästeren.”