Early Feuillade Comedies

Le billet de banque
R: Louis Feuillade. P: Gaumont. Fr 1907

La fille du faux monnayeur
R: Louis Feuillade. P: Gaumont. Fr 1907
Print: EYE

Feuillade or Alice Guy? The Ciné-Tourist can help us to answer the question:

“This remarkable film, in English The Counterfeiter’s Daughter, was made in March 1907, just at the point where responsibility for Gaumont production passed from Alice Guy to Louis Feuillade. It has been attributed to both, but it does seem unlikely that Guy was making films only days before her marriage on March 6th 1907 (to Herbert Blaché Bolton – the couple left for the U.S. three days later). ​We can know that the film was shot that same week because in one scene there are on display outside a shop two Sunday supplements dated March 3rd 1907″:

574-The Counterfeiter's Daughter

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