A touching, yet forceful play

R: Unknown. D: Marc McDermott, Miriam Nesbitt, Robert Conness, Nancy Avril. P: Edison Manufacturing Company. USA 1911
Print: EYE (Desmet Collection)
Dutch titles

Based on a story by mystery writer Thomas Hanshew, the creator of master criminal Hamilton Cleck. (Ken Wlaschin)


A touching, yet forceful, play. It has one scene which is notably dramatic. To find the father of the girl he hopes to win, a waiter in a fashionable café is the situation which confronts a resourceful young American. Equal to the occasion he has the waiter join the party as a guest and makes it a betrothal supper. The scene showing the discovery of the father will linger long in the memory. It shows clearly how wealthy folk may come to hard times and as clearly that bad luck doesn’t always last forever. Many things in America require quick action; in this play the young man’s resourcefulness is a feature which counts for much. The drama is perfectly staged and the photography is clear. The picture is above the average release in its dramatic force and its mechanical work.”
The Moving Picture World, April 22, 1911