David et Goliath

David et Goliath
R: Henri Andréani. D: Berthe Bovy, Louis Ravet, René Alexander. P: Pathé Frères. Fr 1910
Engl. intertitles

“Surely this must be one of the earliest renditions on film of such an amazing story. Berthe Bovy, from the Comédie-Francaise company, and one of the stars in L’Assassinat du duc de Guise (in which she played a page), is pretty much suited as the then-future king of Israel: boyish-looking, flat-chested and all around angelic, her David comes across as God’s anointed one even if only because it seems he is in need of a real miracle to save his and everyone else’s lives. It also helps that Bovy was clearly having fun with her role, thus imbuing it with an enthusiastic energy. It reminded me of Mia Farrow as Peter Pan –just a bit.”
Christian Doig

“There was a rush of short films about David at the time with six films about David being released in as many years (the others being David and Goliath in 1908, Saul and David in 1909, David and Saul in 1911, David, King of Israel in 1912, and La Mort de Saül in 1913). (…) It’s also worth noting that the German version* has been produced using some kind of early colour process (hence the image above) whereas the French version is in black and white. The appearance is similar to that of early two-strip Technicolor, but as that wasn’t yet in existence then it looks like it was made using either Lee-Turner Colour, Kinemacolor or the Keller-Dorian process.”
Matt Page
Bible Films Blog

* The so called “German version” (i.e. German intertitles) seems identical with the “English version”, which is shown here.