Florence Turner’s Pumps

R: Larry Trimble. D: Florence Turner, Courtenay Foote, George Stevens, Emilie Hayward. P: Vitagraph Company of America. USA 1913
Print: EYE
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“Laurence Norwood Trimble (1885 – 1954) was an American silent film director, writer and actor. Trimble began his film career directing ‘Jean’, the Vitagraph Dog, the first canine to have a leading role in motion pictures. (…) He became one of the studio’s leading directors, responsible for all of ‘Jean”s films and most of those made by Florence Turner, John Bunny and Flora Finch. (…) In March 1913 Trimble and ‘Jean’ resigned from Vitagraph, along with actor Tom Powers and Florence Turner. They went to England, where Turner formed her own company with studios at Walton-on-Thames. Trimble later explained that they went to England because in 1913 ‘the power of large companies [in the U.S.] left slight opportunity for an independent producer with small capital.’ Already famous from her Vitagraph films, Turner introduced herself to British audiences with a personal appearance at the London Pavilion on May 26, 1913. She and Trimble then toured Britain for the next six weeks, appearing together in 160 venues.
Trimble was head of production at Turner Films, released by Cecil Hepworth, and over the next three years he wrote and directed some of Britain’s most highly regarded films of the period. They included Rose of Surrey (1913), described by ‘The Bioscope’ as ‘one of the most charming English film comedies ever produced’; My Old Dutch (1915), which ‘The Moving Picture World’ called ‘a rare picture, great in its simplicity, strong in its appeal, and splendidly played by its two principals’; and Far from the Madding Crowd (1915). In August 1916, Trimble left his wife in England and returned to the U.S. with his daughter and his canine star ‘Jean’, who died later that year.”
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