Tracking Shots

The Trail of Cards
R: Gilbert P. Hamilton. D: Lillian Christy, Edward Coxen, J. Warren Kerrigan, Louise Lester. P: American Film Manufacturing Company. USA 1913

“Kalem made a series of train films in 1911, most notably The Railroad Raiders of ’62, featuring numerous shots with the camera mounted of a train. Lubin’s The Missing Finger (1912) cuts together four moving shots which function as eyeline matches between two characters. Finally, in The Trail of Cards (American 1913), repeated tracking shots depict an abduction on horseback, while the playing cards of the title are dropped as clues. The self-consciously inventive nature of most of the examples indicates filmmakers still viewed this type of camera movement as a novelty of sorts.”
Charlie Keil: Early American Cinema in Transition: Story, Style, and Filmmaking, 1907–1913. University of Wisconsin Press 2001, p. 160