Florence Turner & Maurice Costello

The Show Girl
R: Van Dyke Brooke. D: Maurice Costello, Helen Gardner, Florence Turner, Van Dyke Brooke, Kenneth Casey, Lillian Walker, P: Vitagraph Company of America. USA 1911
Print: EYE
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“Because of her stage experience, Florence, in 1910, made a tour of the theatres that were showing Vitagraph films around New York City, introducing the music called ‘The Vitagraph Girl.’  (…) The people trying to get in to see the ‘Movie Star’ almost created a riot.  The power of the performers had come. The star system had not been established when Florence Turner was introduced to the film audiences as the ‘Vitagraph Girl.’ (…) At the age of 22, she worked consistently with the matinee idol, Maurice Costello in what were considered Vitagraph’s prestigious films.  Florence Turner and Maurice Costello were described as ‘two famous picture players, whose faces are familiar to everyone who is in the habit of seeing the films.’  Florence was starring in the classics. There was also a 1910 pairing with a new idol of the movies on his road to stardom — a young man by the name of Wallace Reid.”
THE PREHISTORY OF HOLLYWOOD – Looking for Mabel Normand

When Persistency and Obstinacy Meet
R: Van Dyke Brooke. D: Maurice Costello, Florence Turner, Edith Halleran, James Morrison. P: Vitagraph Company of America. USA 1912
Print: EYE
Dutch intertitles

“It seems like harking back to good old days to find Miss Florence Turner and Mr. Maurice Costello playing a good romance together. The peculiarities of this situation, though, do not give much chance to either to portray any of those subtler shades of character which they have given us in the past. Those finer things, especially in Miss Turner’s work, are marvelously pleasing. We are always expecting them, and every picture by the players without them, even in a case like this, where the offering has substantial merit, is somewhat disappointing. Mr. Costello plays the persistency; he is a lover suing for the hand and affection of obstinacy, played by Miss Turner. Not all of it is strongly convincing, the Iover’s dressing as a woman, for instance, nor is all of it fresh. The lover’s paying the expressman to let him deliver the package in the cap and jumper so as to speak to the girl who is in a pet and won’t let him apologize, is not fresh, but it is acted in a natural, straightforward way, has a happy ending, has well trimmed sets and is clearly photographed.”
The Moving Picture World, October 19, 1912

Aunty’s Romance
R: George D. Baker. B: Maurice Costello (scenario), Hanson Durham (play). D: Maurice Costello, Florence Turner, Mary Maurice, Harry T. Morey, William Shea, Edward Thomas, Dorothy Kelly. P: Vitagraph Company of America. USA 1912
Print: EYE
Dutch intertitles

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