Winter Sports in Malmö, 1912

Vintersport i Malmö
P: Frans Lundberg, Malmö. Sw 1912

“The story of Swedish film production begins not in Stockholm but in the southern province of Skåne at the beginning of the century, when the first regular cinema theaters were established. The first public showing of moving pictures took place in Malmö in June 1896. The company Svenska Biografteatern (Svenska Bio for short) was founded in 1907 by some businessmen In Kristianstad, the second-largest city in the province. (…) they soon recognized the importance of producing their own films and hired a cinematographer, Robert Olsson, who traveled around making short documentaries. Later the company managed to hire a second skilled cinematographer from Göteborg, Charles Magnusson, who successfully organized their entire production for the following two decades. In Malmö another cinema owner, Frans Lundberg, began film production activities around 1910.
Svenska Bio’s productions were intended primarily for a Swedish audience and had high cultural aspirations. The company soon engaged people from the established stages, most notably the Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm. Frans Lundberg’s aim was more international and sensational, and many of his films were produced in Denmark with Danish actors. When the Swedish Board of Film Censors was established in 1911, many of Lundberg’s films encountered difficulties or were banned outright, which eventually forced him to halt production.”
Per Olov Qvist, Peter von Bagh: Guide to the Cinema of Sweden and Finland. Greenwood Publishing Group 2000, p. 5

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