The Manaki Brothers (1)

Pazar i kasapi (Marketplace and Butchers)
R: Janaki & Milton Manaki. P: Janaki & Milton Manaki. (North Macedonia) 1905

“The creative work of the brothers Janaki (1878-1954) and Milton (1880-1964) Manaki, the first cameramen on the Balkans, is undoubtedly rich and significant. The cinematographic history of Albania and Macedonia started with them, marking its most important basic values. The Manaki Brothers were born in a small Albanian village Avdela near the town Grevena (Konica area-Greece). They started to work together in 1898. During this time Janaki was a drawing professor in the high school in Yanina, where he opened his photo studio and had his younger brother Milton study photography. In 1904, the Manaki brothers decided to live in Manastir, so that was Milto’s “last stop”, because in that period Manastir was an important political, economic and cultural center for the Balkans. In 1905 they moved their studio to Manastir and opened their well known ‘Studio for art photography’. He [i.e. Janaki] later (traveled) to London and bought a camera from the Charles Urban Trading Co. It was the 300th camera from the ‘Bioscope’ series, thus with that famous Camera 300 started the life of the Albanian and Macedonian cinematography on the Balkans.”
Abas Hoxha

Manastir: Bitola, known during the Ottoman Empire as Manastır or Monastir, is one of the oldest cities in North Macedonia. The Turkish name Manastır (Ottoman Turkish) is derived from the Greek name, as is the Albanian name (Manastir).

“Parallel to their photography work, the brothers started to film documentaries. During the Young Turk Revolution of 1908 and 1909, they took around 450 photographs and a short film that recorded every significant event of that period. In 1909, they filmed and made a series of photographs of the arrival of the royal Romanian delegation to Manastir. They also filmed the visit of the Turkish Sultan Mehmed V to Manastir in 1911 — Milton traveled to the port of Selanik (now Thessaloniki) where he recorded the arrival of the Sultan by boat, then the Sultan’s train journey on the Selanik–Manastir route, the Sultan’s reception on the railway station in Manastir, as well as events held in honor of the visit of the Sultan. The same year they were honored as official photographers of the Ottoman Sultan.”

Turskiot sultan Mehmed V Resad vo poseta na Bitola (Turkish Sultan Mehmed V Reshad Visiting Bitola)
R: Janaki and Milton Manaki. P: Janaki and Milton Manaki. (North Macedonia) 1911

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