United States Navy, 1899

U.S. Cruiser “Olympia” Leading Naval Parade
R: James H. White. P: Edison Manufacturing Co. USA 1899
Print: Paper Print Collection (Library of Congress)

Filmed September 29, 1899, during the Dewey naval parade on the Hudson River in New York City.

“‘We equipped eight parties on the occasion of Admiral Dewey‘s arrival in New York Harbor, Wednesday, September 27th, 1899, and secured the following excellent moving pictures of the Admiral and his great ship, together with the stirring events of Dewey Day, September 29th, the day of the Naval Parade’.
(Edison films catalog)
The ‘Olympia’, at the head of Admiral Dewey’s naval parade steams up the North River (i.e., the Hudson River) with the Admiral aboard. Many other boats of all kinds accompany her as she passes by Grant’s tomb, and fires a 21-gun salute.”
Library of Congress

“George Dewey (December 26, 1837 – January 16, 1917) was Admiral of the Navy, the only person in United States history to have attained that rank. (…) He was promoted to commodore in 1896 and assigned to the Asiatic Squadron the following year. After that appointment, he began preparations for a potential war with Spain, which broke out in April 1898. Immediately after the beginning of the war, Dewey led an attack on Manila Bay, sinking the entire Spanish Pacific fleet while suffering only minor casualties. After the battle, his fleet assisted in the capture of Manila. Dewey’s victory at Manila Bay was widely lauded in the United States, and he was promoted to Admiral of the Navy in 1903. Dewey explored a run for the 1900 Democratic presidential nomination, but he withdrew from the race and endorsed President William McKinley.”

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