Georges Monca

R: Georges Monca. D: Charles Prince, Gabrielle Lange, Georges Treville. P: Pathé frères. Fr. 1911

Rigadin et l’escalope de veau
R: Georges Monca. D: Charles Prince. P: Société des Etablissements L. Gaumont. Fr 1911

Plot synopsis
“The schnitzel has the reputation of reducing wrinkles. Mrs. Rigadin secretly applies this beauty recipe on her face every night and of course she does not throw away the food after this use. Rigadin was forced to eat schnitzel every day without knowing why. Not being able to bear this diet, he gets into a terrible rage and discovers his wife’s secret. She will either have to keep her wrinkles or eat schnitzel herself every day.”
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Georges Monca ( 23 October 1867 – 26 December 1939) was a French film director. He was extremely prolific, making nearly four hundred films during his career – mainly during the silent era. His shorts Rigadin Directeur de Cinéma and Rigadin et le Chien de la Baronne were preserved by the Academy Film Archive in 2010.

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