Comedy without Comic Snap

Fixing a Flirt
R: Unknown. D: George Reehm, Frances Ne Moyer, Spottiswoode Aitken,  Bobby Burns,  Walter Stull. P: Lubin Manufacturing Company. USA 1912

George Reehm stiffs his landlady so he can pester Frances Ne Moyer into a date at a fancy restaurant. When all her friends from work show up, George finds himself short of cash.Mr. Reehm, who resembles Franklin Pangborn, is very good in his comic discomfiture, but there is no comic snap to this short Lubin comedy. Every punchline is foreshadowed so fully that there is no surprise to any of the situations, nor, except for Mr. Reehm’s reaction, much effect. This was pretty much the style to comedy before the rise of slapstick, with its outsized reactions. Neither does Mr. Reehm show any particular adeptness in his stage business. He is simply transported from being the aggressive masher to the victim of his own folly; it’s a good outline for comedy without much in the way of execution.”
IMDb (boblipton)

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