French Serial Stars

André Deed as Boireau

Le costume blanc
D: André Deed. P: Lux Compagnie Cinématographique de France. Fr 1906

321-André Deed
André Deed

“According to Sadoul, Deed had been an singer and acrobat on the café-concert circuit, performing at the Folies-Bergère and the Châtelet, and had occasionally even appeared in Méliès’ films. His Boireau character comes out of that stage tradition, both as grotesquely bewildered clown and a skillful practioneer of physical gags. (…) By repeatedly stitching together adjacent spaces into short, unified scenes, the Boireau series (…) seems to have established an economical narrative model that could continually prepare for, extend, and conclude its comic business and run at least as long, if not longer than, Pathé’s other comic films.”
Richard Abel: The Ciné Goes to Town. Berkeley-Los Angeles-London 1994, p. 228 f.

Romeo Bosetti as director

Roméo se fait bandit
R: Romeo Bosetti. D: Max Linder. P: Pathé. Fr 1909

Une dame vraiment bien
R: Louis Feuillade, Romeo Bosetti. D: Renée Carl. P: Gaumont. Fr 1908