The ‘Teddy’ Bears
R: Edwin S. Porter/Wallace McCutcheon. P: Edison Manufacturing Co. USA 1907

“President Theodore Roosevelt was in the middle of his second term. The well-known story of the hunting expedition when he was said to have declined to shoot a bear cub after killing his mother had become so embedded in the popular imagination that it was now represented by a furry stuffed toy as a ‘Teddy’ bear, selling by thousands a week. Teddy became a nationwide fad. The image of the president as a rugged outdoorsman, a manly man with a tender heart, is imbued with the idealism of the age.”
Eileen Bowser: 1907 – Movies and the Expansion of the Audience. In: André Gaudreault (ed.): American Cinema 1890 – 1909. New Brunswick, New Jersey, and London 2009, p. 184

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