Theodore Roosevelt’s First Flight

Colonel Roosevelt is invited to fly in Arch Hoxsey’s plane at St. Louis, Mo., 1910
No credits. USA 1910
Location: Kinloch, Lambert Field, Missouri, US
Print: Theodore Roosevelt Association Collection (Library of Congress)

“While participating in the Missouri State Republican Party’s campaign on October 11, 1910, TR is invited to fly in a biplane with Arch Hoxsey as pilot. Accompanied by Herbert S. Hadley, Governor of Missouri (1909-1913) and two men who appear to be Henry W. Kiel, Mayor of St. Louis, and Sheriff Louis Nolte, TR arrives in motorcade at Kinloch aviation field; man, who appears to be Hoxsey, inspects plane; medium shot of TR as he enters passenger seat of biplane; long shot of plane flying; TR alights from plane, joins waiting crowd, enters automobile and drives away in motorcade.”
Library of Congress

“ST. LOUIS, Oct. 12, 1910 (UP) – Col. Roosevelt defied death late yesterday when he went up in an aeroplane with Aviator Arch Hoxsey. More than 10,000 persons breathlessly watched the flight, fearing the colonel’s daring on the spur of the moment might mean his death or injury.
After two laps around the aviation field, Hoxsey brought the machine gracefully to ground, having flown nearly three miles in three minutes and twenty seconds.
‘It was fine. Fine!’ ejaculated the ex-president, as he crawled from the narrow seat through the network of wires.”

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