R: Georges Méliès. P: Star Film. Fr 1899

Cendrillon (Pathé frères, Albert Capellani 1907)

French postcard for the 1907 fairy tale film Cendrillon, ou la Pantoufle Merveilleuse (Cinderella, or the Marvellous Slipper), with Louise Lagrange in the title role, direction by Albert Capellani, and production by Ferdinand Zecca for Pathé Frères. (flickr)

R: Albert Capellani. B: Charles Perrault (fairytale). D: Louise Lagrange. P: Pathé Frères. Fr 1907
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Louise Lagrange (1898-1979) was a French screen actress who had a fruiftul career in French silent and sound cinema from Cendrillon (1907) onwards. In the early 1920s she played in the US opposite Valentino, while e.g. Ricardo Cortez and Ivan Petrovich were her partners in later 1920s French films. In 1933 she became the wife of film director Maurice Tourneur and quitted film acting, apart from just a few, small parts in postwar films.”

Cendrillon ou La pantoufle merveilleuse
R: Georges Méliès. B: Charles Perrault (fairytale “Cinderella”). D: Louise Lagrange, Jacques Feyder, Marthe Vinot. P: Charles Pathé / Ferdinand Zecca. Fr 1912

“For a tale so deeply associated with the satisfaction of dreams and desires, a curios emphasis is placed on the negative connotations of transformation. Unlike the earlier metmorphoses of the pumpkin, rats and  Cinderella’s clothes, the clock leads to a haunting vision of transformation – accentuating strictures of deadlines, nightmares of change and anxieties over transgression.”
Kristian Moen: Film and Fairy Tales: The Birth of Modern Fantasy. I.B.Tauris 2013, p. 60

R: George Nichols. B: Charles Perrault. D: Florence La Badie, Harry Benham, Anna Rosemond. P: Thanhouser Film Corporation. USA 1911
Print: BFI / National Film Archive

R: James Kirkwood. B: Charles Perrault. D: Mary Pickford, Owen Moore, Isabel Vernon. P: Famous Players Film Company. USA 1914