Cenerentola: A Making-of

Cenerentola (Fragment)
R: Eleuterio Rodolfi. B: Arrigo Frusta. D: Fernanda Negri Pouget, Mary Cleo Tarlarini, Ubaldo Stefani, Ernesto Vaser, Marcel Perez. P: Società Anonima Ambrosio. It 1913

The young orphan Silviette is taken under the tutelage of Jenny Smart, a famous diva who takes her to the Ambrosio film studio. The girl’s angelic smile [see below] allows her to get the lead role in Cinderella, the new film to be shot in a Count’s villa. (Vimeo)

“There’s always some particularly fascinating about seeing films of films in production from the silent era. The business-like way a team has to go about creating fantasy, the sheer number of people who made up that team, the famous mingling with the functional. (…) Above we have the Ambrosio studio, Turin, in 1913, with the director Eleuterio Rodolfi and actors Fernanda Negri Pouget, Mary Cleo Tarlarini and Ubaldo Stefani, during the filming of Cenerentola (Cinderella). The provenance is unclear.”
The Bioscope


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