A Moral Tale

Get Rich Quick
D: William Russell, William Garwood, Marguerite Snow, Marie Eline. P: Thanhouser Film Co. USA 1911
Print: The Museum of Modern Art, N.Y.

“The moral tale, a staple of early film, observes in this case how an elaborate swindle, the ‘Utopia Investment Corporation’, affects one of its participants. The film challenges the quest for material wealth without concern for those victimized.
A review in ‘The Billboard’ praised Marguerite Snow’s acting as being ‘the most natural we have ever seen in a moving picture’, the story as ‘excellent’, and the picture as ‘splendidly photographed’. Another review noted the ‘novel’ technique of ‘the dissolving picture appearing through the newspaper headlines’. The narrative progression is smooth without having to depend on too many titles.”
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