Pathé in the States

Gypsy Maids
P: Pathé Frères. USA 1911
Print: CINEMATEK – Het Koninklijk Belgisch Filmarchief

“For nearly two years, Pathé was the center of the discursive arena defining cinema in the USA. Its initial role during that time (i.e. 1907/08) is perhaps best described as one of ‘legitimation’: its very presence aligned certain perceived attributs of French culture with the new thing called cinema. Pathé’s own ads, of course, often appealed to the acknowledged high quality of French technology. But exhibitores and journalists also celebrated the cinema by consistently invoking the specific ‘marvels’ of Pathé’s ‘high quality’, from its unique stencicolor process to the ‘flickerless images’ produced by its superbly crafted apparatuses.”
Richard Abel: Going to the Movies in the USA. In: Michel Marie / Laurent Le Forestier (dir.): La Firme Pathé Frères 1896-1914. Paris 2004, p. 339 f.