Chaplin No. 4

Between Showers
R: Henry Lehrman. B: Reed Heustis. K: Frank D. Williams. D: Charles Chaplin, Ford Sterling, Emma Clifton, Chester Conklin. P: Keystone Film Company. USA 1914

Between Showers was inspired by a series of torrential rainstorms that soaked Los Angeles. (The large roadside puddle used in the comedy suggests the severity of these rains). As much a Chaplin comedy as a vehicle for Ford Sterling, the comic situation for this violent, improvised film involves a display of gallantry toward a young woman (Emma Clifton) and the ownership of an umbrella. The policeman (Chester Conklin), from whom the umbrella was originally stolen, reclaims his prized item at the film’s conclusion. This was the last Chaplin film directed by Henry Lehrman, with whom Chaplin had a contentious relationship. Already in evidence are several of the Tramp’s distinctive characteristics: the way he rounds a corner (making a sharp turn and skidding, holding one foot out and balancing on the other foot), his iconoclastic nose-thumbing, the shrug of the shoulders, and covering his mouth with his hand when he laughs.”
Jeffrey Vance, adapted from his book “Chaplin: Genius of the Cinema”. New York 2003
Charlie Chaplin