A Country Girl

The Decoy
R: Carl Gregory. B: Philip Lonergan. D: Charles Horan, Marie Rainford, Virginia Waite, Muriel Ostriche. P: Thanhouser Film Corporation. USA 1914

The Decoy (1914) marks the video debut of silent screen actress Muriel Ostriche. Miss Ostriche was one of the most popular female stars of the mid-to-late 1910’s, and usually placed in the Top Ten in popularity polls of the time. [In 1913, one popularity poll placed Ms. Ostriche second only to Alice Joyce in popularity.] From 1915-1920 she was known not only for her work in films, but as the ‘Moxie Girl’ whose face adorned the Moxie soft drink advertisements. She married in 1921 and retired from films. For many years, none of Miss Ostriche’s work was known to have survived. In the late 1980’s two Ostriche one-reelers were re-discovered in Australia. In The Decoy, Miss Ostriche plays a country girl who visits with her city relatives. The aunt and uncle use her to lure wealthy patrons to their card-sharping operation. Muriel ends up exposing the aunt and uncle, and marrying the undercover police investigator.”
Robert Klepper